The roots of the Nyingma Mandala of organizations in the West trace back to 1969, when Tarthang Tulku, a highly trained lama in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, arrived in Berkeley, CA and established the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center, the spiritual center of all that would follow.

Over the years, the vision has expanded, and many more organizations have formed. Today we carry out our mission through some 25 different organizations and long-term projects, each contributing to the whole, each working to manifest the teachings in the world.

In the east, Dharma Publishing made the teachings available through English-language publications and art reproductions.. In the south, the Tibetan Aid Project supported the preservation of the Tibetan tradition, the Buddhist heritage, and the Nyingma school. In the west, Odiyan Country Center and a growing range of art projects manifested the beauty of the Dharma as a living force for transformation. In the north, the Nyingma Institute made the teachings more widely available.

The Nyingma Mandala includes many more projects and organizations, located in Berkeley, in rural northern California, in Asia, in South America, and in Europe.