For many years, there were only four key organizations that carried out the work of the Nyingma community (other than the projects the Head Lama directly supervised). These four organizations were Dharma Publishing, Nyingma Centers, Nyingma Institute, and Tibetan Aid Project. All four were officially founded between 1972 and 1976.

In the past decade, the mandala of organizations has expanded dramatically. In 2004, Ratna Ling Retreat Center was founded, followed by Mangalam Center, Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages, Nyingma Trust, Guna Foundation, and Dharma College. In 2011, these organizations and others formed the Nyingma Association of Mandala Organizations (NAMO).

Organizations from around the world form the mandala of organizations. Guardians of Odiyan Endowment, Ratna Ling and Dharma Publishing are located in Sonoma County, California. The presence of Odiyan makes Sonoma County the heart of the Head Lama’s vision. Center for Creative Inquiry, Dharma College, Guna Foundation, Mangalam Centers, Nyingma Institute and Nyingma Trust are located in Berkeley, California, where the Nyingma mandala had its beginnings. Berkeley has served as a gateway to the Dharma for nearly five decades. Finally, Nyingma Centers guides international organizations in Brazil, Germany, and the Netherlands, which represent the blossoming of the mandala vision worldwide.